Lovely skincare products!

Fallen Ange

It is the best organic product Saafi Frankincense, I would recommend it to everyone. And I use it every day and every night.

Yassin Dualeh


Natural products and good for the skin. Great stuff!!

Barre Mohamoud


Very high quality products and amazing results. Highly recommended

Yasir rashid


Fantastic product, fantastic service, will be buying again, thank you!

James Roberts


Amazing product for healing and wellbeing. Natural and pure. Smells beautiful. First class service and support.

Fiju S


Have been using the oil and the raw resin for while from Saafi.
Great service, highly recommended products from them.

Saleem K


Best customer service and the smell of my oil is amazing. The benefits are perfect for my daily routine!

Ely M


Purchased the frankincense essential oil and natural hair oil. Very happy, the essential oil is top quality it has a beautiful natural smell and a little bit goes a long way. The hair oils been great for my hair and I'm seeing some growth.

Safa N

Saafi Frankincense Essential oil is literally the best essential oil I have ever purchased. I use this oil for many purposes, including to reduce joint inflammation and for calming purposes. I purchased different brands but this is so pure and the best. . It also helps at night with sleeping. You only need a couple drops each night, you can put it on your pillowcase, on your wrists, behind your ears or on your neck. I even use it to cleanse the surface of my house adding a couple of drops to water and wiping it on all house surfaces. Saafi Frankincense is one of the best brands out there!