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No Beaking

Made of essential oil

No Flaking

Vitamin E

No Falling

Our hair oils possess hydrating qualities to give your your hair smoother and softer.
We have combination of essential oil with a carrier oil.
1.Peppermint Relieves dry scalp, stimulates hair growth, and gives hair a healthy shine (powerhouse of nutrients and minerals)
2.Moringa Oil- Helps to strengthen hair and help hair to recover from heat damage (source of vitamins A,B, and C)
3.Olive Oil- Helps protect the keratin in hair and seals in moisture (source of vitamin A, E and antioxidants)
4.Avocado Oil- Moisturizes and strengthens hair, helps to stimulate blood flow, and unclogs blocked follicles
5.Castor Oil- Helps increase circulation to the scalp, promotes hair growth, and helps prevent dandruff (source of omega-6 fatty acids) *heavy oil
6.Vitamin E Oil- Repairs damaged hair follicles, promotes blood circulation, and acts as a deep moisturizer
7.Coconut Oil- Stimulates hair growth, adds shine and softness, and prevents hair breakage and split ends (source of vitamin E and K) *heavy oil